Top 4 ways to spot a form, four leaver



KCSE! KCSE! That’s what every form leaver was waiting for four years, and now they have completed the exam. What next now for them? Just feel like they have made it in life, isn’t that so? Form leavers will soon be storming every market center just being super free for the first time is their pleasure, isn’t that nice? They now have a world of possibilities ahead of them. They are impressionable, wide-eyed and just about to go wild tasting the fruits of freedom.

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For months, parents will have headaches, trying to tame their sons and daughters to the rapidly changing world which some would listen but some will feel like they can now do what they want. So bad, isn’t that so?

Here are some to sport a form four leaver;


Form four leavers are idle and free for the first time. Smartphones promised by parents after form four are delivered with the internet providing a community to socialize on. Look on their Instagram, a stock of photos, its fun for them. They are now adults and you will find lots of crazy photos on their timelines with lots of friends.

Online tenant

Form four leavers are crazy lads online. With almost free data from local ISPs, you can tell them from their online posts. They have truncated language to nearest one so as to make ci=ommunication easy and faster. Anyway if you get “xaxa” then you know that is a form, four leaver. Form four leavers will reply your chat almost as they receive, ever online.


Back in high school, they were forced to have one shaving style, they are now out of school. They can now have any style they want on their hair, that pair of rugged jeans, denim shirt, black rubber shoes that sport a white line, making him or her a spoken word artist. Form four leavers can be spotted with even that bouncing walking style, so fun for them.

News broker

That form four leaver, they are ever updated, they know even when Vera Sidika was fed up with the one-minute man Otile Brown, even now engaged in Singapore. They can even put complete arguments on a point even on diagrams on the lives of Kenyan celebrities. Ask them why alcohol is used in a thermometer, certainly, they will never have an answer to that.

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