What only a Maasai can do that no one else can

Maasai people (courtesy)

Maasai people (courtesy)

The Maasai people are noted to be extraordinary people, with an extraordinary culture that have survived civilization ever since. Many communities have been noted to have abandoned their culture but Maasai never did. Maasai live in areas of Kenya and Tanzania for over hundred years and graze their precious cattle in both countries to date. Maasai people have been noticed to inhabit the plains of the Great Rift Valley.

Maasai people are noted in doing things that other people can not do or even dare to. The ones who can try are the assimilated ones where they do anything Maasai does. Is normally easy to pinpoint a Maasai in the group of people due to their uniqueness.

Here is a list of what Maasai can do;

#1. They can kill a lion

Kill a lion? No, I can never even dare get near it unless in orphanages I can. Maasai are known to be able to kill a lion. As part of their culture, they did it but these days its almost ceasing due civilization.

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#2 Carrying weapons

If you ever find a Maasai without a stick or even a “rungu” then he must be so rich, owns a car or even a legislator somewhere. A real Maasai is ever fond of carrying these things even when in town since they are ever used to while looking after cows in the risky wild.

#3. They can shoot arrows perfectly

Maasai are very well known for being good arrow shooters. They train for this as they mature since they are ever close to the wild and anything can attack them. They mostly train for protection.

#4. They sell bloodlike medicine all over

Have you ever seen a Maasai selling some medicine in jericans? Maasai have been noted in towns moving about selling these stuff. I am not really sure what they are but they are ever there.


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