Woman eater case against Judge Wakiaga withdrawn – Jowie

Joseph Irungu at a Milimani court (courtesy)

Joseph Irungu at a Milimani court (courtesy)

The pursuit for freedom is what anyone can do when they are in court for has not been proven guilty. Joseph Irungu alias Jowie a murder suspect for the murder of Monica Kimani who was murdered in her apartment in Kilimani.

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Jowie has withdrawn his application seeking to disqualify judge James Wakiaga from his case which was made in front of the Judge who welcomed his decision. Jowie alongside TV anchor Jacque Maribe are accused of killing businesswoman Monica Kimani on September 19.

Judge Wakiaga on his bail ruling on October 30 referred to Jowie as a male version of slay queen’ and a ‘woman eater’ which was never welcomed well by Jowie. He went on to file a case against judge Wakiaga only on Tuesday to make a decison to seek disqualification to allow the court to drop the case against Wakiaga.

The prosecution is set to hand over Maribe’s house this afternoon even as it holds her phone which is part of the exhibit in the case. This is after Maribe had sought contempt orders against the DCI and DPP for holding to her house, car, and for failing to serve her with witness statements.

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  1. Justice for the dead woman should be served.


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