Murkomen vs Kutuny over William Ruto’s role in maize scandal

kutuny-murkomen (courtesy)

Kipchumba Murkomen, Elgeyo Marakwet senator and his counterpart Cherangany legislator Joshua Kutuny were engaged in a heated debate about the maize farmers problems in the North Rift. This is after a section of North Rift MPs dragged William Ruto into the Maize scandal claiming that his office should be investigated.

On an interview on Citizen TV on Tuesday, Murkomen reproached Kutuny over his continued useless attacks on William Ruto linking him and his office to maize scandal. “Kutuny, you need to respect the Deputy President; he picked you from your charcoal business when you were nothing and made you who you are today,” said Murkomen.

But in an equally rough response, Kutuny alleged that he supported Murkomen by sending him money every weekend and even bought him his first car – a Toyota Harrier – for campaigns. “Why are you forgetting that I’m the one who picked you from the streets. I used to send you money every weekend through my wife. I even bought you the first car,” Kutuny said to Murkomen.

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The interview went repulsive when Cherangany MP allegedly linked a company that is associated with William Ruto to maize scandal. “The concerns are clear. The DP needs to come out on this matter of maize. One of the companies associated with him is being investigated,” said Kutuny. Kutuny still insisted that DP should not be part of the problem since he comes from a maize growing zone.

The maize sector is currently at stake and we should stop trading blames to each other and start looking for solutions said Murkomen. Alfred Keter MP for Nandi hills, Silas Tiren Legislator for Moiben and Cherangany MP Kutuny had insisted that DP and all his allies be investigated over the maize scandals. The rebel MPs have been pushing for the price of maize be increased to Ksh. 3,200 per 90kg bag of maize opposing governments offer of Ksh. 2,300.

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