DP’s farm allegedly paid by Eldoret Depot for maize supply – Rift Valley News

Maize scandal has been causing headaches for some time now to maize farmers as their payments delayed and cartels being paid in return. With maize scandal looming, maize farmers were advised to start farming other crops apart from maize such as avocado, which they could not at all agree to.

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Elected leaders have continued politicizing maize scandal instead of looking for solutions that can help farmers. The legislators and even governors from the growing zones have rejected governments offer of Ksh. 2,300 for every 90 kg bag of maize delivered. Insteas they wanted it increased to Ksh. 3,200 per bag.

NCPB has been at stake since the last time they never paid genuine farmers but paid traders. The amount of maize that was delivered to the NCBP silos was so unrealistic and all silos in the country were full in no time.

After some legislators went on to the media claiming that William Ruto should be investigated on the maize scandal, EACC were now on route trying to find out the actual truth behind this maize saga. EACC is now investigating a number of companies, farmers, cartels and NCPB officials over the maize scandal.

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Koilel farm limited that belongs to William Ruto is allegedly registered to his son Nick Ruto and his Wife Rachael Chebet is on EACC investigation list for the huge amount of money paid to the farm by NCPB. Koilel farm is said to have been paid Ksh. 20.9 million for supplying 11,844 bags of maize to NCPB depot in Eldoret.

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Koilel farm is 430 acres only as the number supplied to NCPB depot is questionable. Cherangany MP Joshua Kutuny has been on the limelight trying to fight for farmers by exposing cartels. On an interview in one of the TV stations, Kutuny claimed that that DP’s farm received payments for supplying maize to NCPB. “Koilel Farm, just Google it. Look at the pictures, it’s owned by the DP and he can’t deny it. It’s one of the companies used by cartels to siphon money from NCPB,” Kutuny said.

On another interview, Kutuny said that DP William Ruto should come out clear about the maize scandal and his involvement.


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