KCSE exam results to come out before Christmas

KCSE RESULTSThis year KCSE result is set to be released before Christmas said education, CS Amina Mohammed. As compared to last year, KCSE exam results were released on December 20.

Over 600,000 candidates who sat for this years KCSE will receive their results. Cabinet secretary said that marking will be done in good time in order to allow parents to plan. “President Uhuru Kenyatta will announce the date when the results will be released,” said Ms. Mohamed at Nairobi School when she witnessed the sealing of the last paper.

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“We want parents to plan in advance so that they do not use all the money on Christmas and forget to plan for school fees of their children,” said Prof Magoha.

Chief examiners are in Nairobi laying the ground for marking of the examinations as the answers scripts are expected in Nairobi by November 30.

Assistant chief examiners and team leaders have been meeting in Nairobi since November 15 for exercise coordination.

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The exercise is taking place at Murang’a Teachers’ Training College, Kilimambogo Teachers’ Training College, Thogoto Teachers’ Training College, and Railway Training Institute will end on November 30. Examiners who will be marking the KCSE scripts are expected in the 19 marking centers by December 3.

The examiners will be subjected to proficiency tests by Kenya national examination chief examiners and those who fail to get more 90% will be denied to mark the scripts.

The examiners will be subjected to proficiency tests by Kenya national examination chief examiners and those fail to get more than 90 per cent will not be allowed to mark the scripts.

The marking process will start on December 7 and end on December 18.

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