Man sues Beta Healthcare and Kenya Bureaus of Standards over condom burst

Having sexual relations with someone so intimate is fun but at some point, it all goes wrong due to a simple itch that ends so badly. A man has sued Beta Healthcare and Kenya Bureaus of Standards over a ‘fake’ Zoom condom that he said burst during intercourse. Isn’t that so crazy?

Beta Healthcare said that condoms come in sizes and every man has to choose the right size to avoid scenarios of them busting. They also said that the man must have won the wrong size and his case was irrelevant.

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An employee at Beta Healthcare, Chirag Patel said that the man did not produce any evidence to show the court that he actually asked for that right size that fits him. “I am aware of the fact that if one puts on a condom that does not match his size, there is a high chance of rupturing,” said Chirag Patel. “If at all the petitioner wore Zoom condom (which he has to prove) it is possible that it was not the right size. That is why perhaps it ruptured, an allegation he still has to prove,” insisted Patel.

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Beta Healthcare feels that court time shall be saved if the case is dismissed as it was so irrelevant. The man is said to have been married and he seems to have been playing his wife at the time the condom burst.

“Such a man can lie again. Much as he has recorded that he is a married man, he has admitted to being an infidel, unfaithful, untrustworthy, and a perpetual cheat who would stop at nothing but cheat on his wife for the sole purpose of quenching his savage sexual thirst,” reads the reply by Beta Healthcare in part.

It added: “Accordingly, the honorable court ought not to entertain petitioner’s allegations because if the petitioner can cheat on his wife not once but severally with other women, it is possible that he lied while commencing the petition herein for the sole purpose of achieving a malicious intention.”

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“The petitioner is solely responsible for his misfortunes and he cannot assert that the first respondent (Beta) is responsible for his marital problems, mental distress, alcoholism and the loss of his job,” said Patel Chirag.

The company further defended the Zoom brands saying it meets the standards by both KRA and Kebs. The man said that when he bought the condom, he believed it would please his partner and fully protect him but it broke.

The man claims that he was told by his friends that they had too experienced the same from the same brand.

The case will be heard on April 3.

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