Matiangi on a road sport check

During his spot check on the ever busy highway, no nonsense Matiang'i witnessed the arrest of a matutu driver who had flouted the recently reinstated michuki rules. Photo: Joe Muhahami

CS Matiangi on Thursday, November 29 surprised many being on the road checking whether PSV were following the rules as stipulated.

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The day he left the comfort of his office and oversaw the intensified traffic inspection at Gilgil along the Nairobi-Nakuru highway.

During his spot check at the highway, he witnessed a matatu driver being arrested for defying the reinstated Michuki rules.

The no-nonsense Matiangi made the appearance at the spot-check at the third since Michuki rule was reinstated.

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He was so keen to ensure that all passengers had their seat belts on and asked whether they were charged beyond the actual price required.

After the inspection, he wished the travelers a safe journey.

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