Video: A story of inspiration – Nikita Kering

Nikita Kering

Nikita Kering

Talent! Talent! This is what most of us struggle to see it blossom when even our parents don’t trust what we really do and even give us the go-ahead to exploit it.

In this story, Nikita at 9 she had discovered her talent and her impact in the music industry has been felt far and wide. The latest program “Empawa Africa’ by Mr. Eazi who was selected as by Mr. Eazi himself. Nikita Kering being one of the top 100 artists selected by Mr. Eazi she will receive $3000 to use for music and video production.

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And if she manages to be among the top 10 artists of which she would. In January 2019 Nikita Kering and other 9 artists will join Mr. Eazi and his Friends in South Africa for a 3-week masterclass in February 2019.

God is marvelous if we trust our children’s talent, believe in them and give the opportunity to exploit it.

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