The man who sued Beta Healthcare for condom burst asked to carry his own cross

Man Sued KEBS and Beta Healthcare over Zoom condom burst.

A man who had sued Beta Healthcare company over a condom burst he used during an intercourse exposing him to STI’s will have to take responsibility for his own setbacks.

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The man was termed as a serial liar as he had confessed having cheated on his wife on several occasions and the condom raptured during the act. The wife of the man had left him since he had even infected by STI brought in due to the condom burst.

The condom rapture has led to many things in the man’s family. Break with his wife as marriage problems loomed after the condom burst. The company sued for distributing the substandard condoms insisted that the case is dismissed so as to ave judicial time.

“Such a man can lie again. Much as he has recorded that he is a married man, he has admitted to being an infidel, unfaithful, untrustworthy, and a perpetual cheat,” reads the reply by Beta Healthcare in part.

The man who sued the condom specifically ‘zoom condoms’ said that it had earned him praises in the past encounters only to burst in one occasion giving him problems.

Beta Healthcare also stated that their condoms were of different sizes and the man must have taken the wrong size.

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