7-year term for President, PM’s post created – Handshake task forces proposes

ODM leader Raila Odinga with Building Bridges chair Senator Yusuf Haji and member Adams Oloo during a briefing at Capitol Hill, Nairobi, August 1, 2018. /COURTESY

ODM leader Raila Odinga with Building Bridges chair Senator Yusuf Haji and member Adams Oloo during a briefing at Capitol Hill, Nairobi, August 1, 2018. /COURTESY

After the handshake between Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga, a building bridges task force was nominated by both parties. the team has drafted a proposal which if adopted will see the president serve a seven-year non- renewable term.

Martin Kimani and Paul Mwangi who lead the Secretariat have been holding meetings with the public and stakeholders seeking ways to address the chronic electoral fraud.

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Perennial post-election violence has plagued Kenya since the 1992 General Election.

The task force suggests the executive be restructured and the parliamentary system is introduced again. they also recommend that the president is elected by a college of lawmakers.

the proposal also entails that the new government structure will have a prime minister and IEBC will be devolved and full electronic voting is adopted.

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They also want constitutional amendments on the IEBC act where national and regional commissioners established that will be nominated by political parties.

The proposal also suggested that the legislative is restructured and the Senate strengthened as Upper House.

Nominated senators will be abolished as the number of senators and counties will also be reduced.

“Create regional assemblies comprising all members of county assemblies in each region. Allocate 45 percent of the national revenue to devolved governments (13.5 percent to regional governments and 26.5 percent to county governments),” read part of the proposal.

Nine issues were listed by the task force that if addressed will end tribalism, corruption, impunity and electoral fraud. The issues included; ethnic antagonism and competition, lack of national ethos, inclusivity, devolution, divisive elections, safety and security, corruption, shared prosperity and responsibilities and rights.

Marginalized groups such as women, youth, persons with disabilities, minorities, pastoralists and other vulnerable groups will also be addressed.

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