5 things you shouldn’t do even if your lady tells you to

Courtesy (Oprah.com)

Courtesy (Oprah.com)

Men have always assumed that women are complex, people you can’t ever understand. Sometimes, many times, they say what they don’t mean. And these times can prove to be fatal to a man, or the relationship. These words are:

Do whatever you like

It comes when you ask her for permission to do something as innocent as hanging out with your boys. She will oppose that by expressly telling you that you can do whatever you like. By any means, don’t ever do whatever you like, but whatever she likes, which is staying at surveillance distance.

Have fun

At no time does she mean that you can actually have fun. When she says this, wrap up whatever you are doing, buy some flowers and head home with immediate effect. She does not at all approve your rendezvous.

It’s okay with me

It’s never okay, not today, not when she is dead. It is an expression that says: what a stupid idea. A woman is supposed to argue with all her might, as if she doesn’t, she’s gonna drop dead from asphyxiation. If she surrenders quickly, there’s something cooking.  

She’s beautiful, take her number

She could be having a really beautiful friend, and in jest suggest that you take her number. To flow with the joke, you decide that it does no harm if you take it. You will have killed a friendship even if she’s the one who suggested.

She’s got a nice ass, doesn’t she?

You are in no way supposed to agree to that statement. According to relationship laws, you are supposed to act deaf. Talk about things like the weather, because if you answer yes, she will suddenly turn sore, and ask you: are you implying that you’ll leave me for a girl like her?

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