David Ndii set to Discard Ksh 250M Property If Ruto His Wins 2022 Bid

David Ndii

David Ndii

David Ndii has in the recent been firing insults to Dp president and even daring that he will not be Kenya’s president.

David Ndii on Monday indicated that he is willing to discard of his Ksh. 250 million property if deputy president William Ruto win the 2022 presidential election.

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He had also made a resolution that he will leave the country if William Ruto wins the presidential election.

David Ndii has been a radical political strategist and served as an economic adviser to the National Super Alliance (NASA) and ever criticized jubilee so fiercely.

Ndii has equally raised concern over Kenya’s newfound friendship with China warning that the generous loans extended by the Chinese would soon prove burdensome to pay.

Kenya debt to China stands at an estimated Ksh557 billion ($5.5 billion) with an additional Ksh581 billion ($5.8 billion) being owed to the World Bank according to a past Treasury report

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