A single term for president will abolish election malpractice

Nasa Leaders

Nasa Leaders

After the proposal by the building bridges task force was submitted. A lot of critics and even support of the same has been received even from the citizens. Moving from the presidential system to parliamentary system will enhance diversity and proportional representation in the country.

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Parties will have strength according to the total number of votes they get as legislators also will be based on the number of votes they get.

The proposal of a seven-year term non-renewable term for the president will have some benefits and demerits. France used the same system but abolished and enacted a two 5 year term for the president.

In situations where an MP represents about 20,000 registered voters while another one represents 200,000 registered voters, in parliament, their votes are counted equally which is not fair at all. With the proposal, the president shall be elected by a college of lawmakers thus he/she should have an impact on our governance needs proportional representation.

Electoral violence has ever been witnessed when an incumbent president is defending his seat for the last term making politics divisive and violent a times.

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If a single term for the president is enacted, it will eliminate the desire to steal an election. But there has to be a strict way in which it I enacted in all other seats such as even legislators. According to the star recruitment to public service on merit and considering ethnic or regional balance will help address marginalization as well as deal with rampant negative ethnicity and hatred. It can be addressed through stiff er penalties against those who carry out skewed recruitment.

With some proposals that EACC be abolished is very wrong, instead, it should be strengthened and made independent safe from politicians.

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