Jacque Maribe now back to citizen

Citizen TV Journalist Jacque Maribe

Citizen TV Journalist Jacque Maribe

Journalist Jacque Maribe having been among the suspects in the murder of businesswoman Monica Kimani, she has never been free to the world. After she was granted bail in the murder trial, Jacque Maribe is now back to citizen Tv.

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According to Kenyans.co.ke, the famous news anchor is said to have reported on Citizen TV on Monday.

Sources say that Maribe was in Citizens newsroom examining some scripts for the media house.


Although she is now back to her job, she will not be anchoring any news as directed by High Court Judge James Wakiaga when he granted her bail application.

“The accused shall not read news, comment or participate in an interview directly or indirectly related to this case, 2 she shall not read the news during the period this matter is fixed for the hearing,” said Judge Wakiaga.

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The judge continued to say, “She shall not interview any parties directly or indirectly connected with this case including the victim’s family, advocate, prosecution witnesses, and the trial court.”

She is set to only help in news production but not anchor any news.


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