91 Year Old Moody Awori Get A Govt Job

Former Vice President Moody Awori

Former Vice President Moody Awori

Moody Awori who worked as Kibaki’s vice president between 25 September 2003 to 9 January 2008 has been appointed as a board member for the Sports, Art and Social Development Fund as gazetted by the Finance CS Henry Rotich.

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The former vice president will be working alongside five principal secretaries from the Ministries of Education, Arts, Health, National Treasury and Sports.


The board will be required to manage funds set aside for sports, Arts and Social development then prepare and submit quarterly reports to the Finance CS. They will also be in charge of monitoring and evaluating activities and programmes under the fund.

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His comeback has raised eyebrows for Kenyans as they feel that he is too old for the job.

On an interview two years ago, Moody Awori revealed that despite his old age, he has a strict workout routine that involves 30 press ups daily to maintain his youthfulness.

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