Energy CS Munyes Admits Corruption At KPC

Energy CS John Munyes addressing journalists on 6/12/2018

Energy CS John Munyes addressing journalists on 6/12/2018

After Kenya Pipeline Managing Director Joe Sang resigned, there have been many attributions that he was linked to DP William Ruto.

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Energy and Petroleum Cabinet Secretary on Thursday confessed to corruption in his ministry.

Having been summoned by the Senate Energy Committee, CS Munyes skipped and addressed journalists instead and admitted systematic corruption at the Kenya Pipeline Company.

He also called for investigations to be done fast into the graft allegations in the company.

Munyes called for speedy investigations into graft allegations at the government institution.


This comes two days after Kenya Pipeline Managing Director resigned on personal reasons.

DCI was invited after his resignation to investigate the causes of the loss incurred by the company due to spillage.

the management claimed that 11,646 million liters of fuel were lost, through spillage of 5,956 million liters and pilferage of 5.69 million others, between March 2017 and May 2018.

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