I am Impressed by Rosemary Odinga, Says President Kenyatta


Rosemary Odinga appears in public for first time since going blind

On Thursday president Kenyatta revealed how rails daughter Rosemary Odinga has impressed him.

President Kenyatta revealed while he was addressing the KCB Foundation 2jiajiri Youth Empowerment Program Class of 2018 at the Safaricom Indoor Arena, Kasarani. Uhuru applauded Rosemary for her entrepreneurial ventures.

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Kuna dadangu mdogo hapa Rosemary, alianza biashara yake huko ndogo ndogo ya kufanya snail farming (Take the case of my younger sister Rosemary who started her small snail farming business),” said Kenyatta.

He continued saying, “Sijui ata vile snails huwa zinakuliwa but naskianga huwa zinakuliwa (I don’t know how the snails are eaten, but I hear they are edible).”

He further noted that even after falling sick and losing her eyesight, Rosemary had gone back to her business terming it as a sign of resilience that the youth in business need to emulate.

He urged the youth to venture into business no matter how small their startup may be. He also stated that his government will urge banking institutions to even provide entrepreneurship courses.

He also said that it is not that the youth need loans but also akills.

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