Why maize farming offers a chance to redefine Kalenjin politics

The maize politics have began. A precedence setting meetingwas set by three rift valley legislators, Alfred Keter of Nandi Hills, Silas Tiren of Moiben and Joshua Kutuny of Cherangany.  The three are accusing powerful forces in Jubilee government over their reluctance to set things right for the maizefarmer.

The questions in people’s mind are: who is sabotaging the maize farmer? What is the interest of the three legislators? How will the maize politics shape the race to the 2022 politics?

 Many people have stepped out in the Kalenjin dominated social media forums to castigate the three legislators. The verdict among these people leans on William Ruto being the undisputed Kalenjin kingpin, and he should be supported by the community by all means.

Maize politics will be significant in the run up to the 2022 general elections, and it offers the farmers a chance to right the wrongs in the Kalenjin politics.

There’s no point in supporting a politician who is contributing to your downfall. Your children’s life is at stake – their education, food, and clothing.

As a result, maize farmers should come together and set things straight. The ultimatum should be: maize prices should be fixed in such a way that enables them to make profit. Imports should be stopped until all farmers sell their maize.

The talks of leaders sabotaging others ambition should be set aside and concerns of the farmer addressed. It makes no sense to sacrifice dreams of millions for one individual.


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