Taking Mursik Never Causes Cancer



If you have ever taken well-fermented mursik, then you must know why most Kalenjin can never do without it. Among the Kalenjin community, mursik are always prepared by mothers as they take a step by step procedure to ensure that the family gets one of the best.

Mursik Causing cancer

With speculations from some group of people that mursik causes cancer, they are totally wrong. Health researchers are advising you to enjoy as much fermented milk as you can.

According to the new study they warn anyone to limit intake of sausages, alcohol, salami, and eggs.

The study that was conducted at the Kenyatta hospital proved that fermented milk
especially the Kalenjin famous Mursik does not cause cancer of the large intestines at all.
Some studies in the past posed that high intake of Mursik cause cancer of the digestive track especially in the Rift valley among the Kalenjin community. The study also stated that these products may help against diseases.
Fermented milk has been associated with the high presence of the bacteria Streptococcus infantarius (Sii) suspected to cause cancers of the digestive system. 
However, the study suggests fermented milk may interact with the suspect bacteria to protect consumers against tumors of the colon and rectum called colorectal cancer.

The Mursik preparation

Alice Moimett one of the great champion in mursik making. K24 paid a courtesy visit to her home to learn and teach the world how mursik is made and its benefits.

They say when you take mursik you will just be satisfied and in need of more.

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