State House And Rutos Office In Fake Tender Saga

State House

State House

Kenya is said to have lost a lot of millions as fake tenders are stage-managed through collusion between statehouse officials, Deputy President William Ruto’s office staff, Department of Defence (DoD) operatives, and fraudsters.

A group with suspected links to a scoundrel staff at the State House and Harambee House Annex where DPs office is located. They lure wealthy business people with fake “restricted” tenders mostly on laptops.

These cons look legitimate to the unsuspecting business people as they have access to these facilities, occupy offices for some time and impersonate officials with the support of several insiders.

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These cons forge everything from job identification cards, local purchase orders (LPO) and delivery notes, complete with letterheads and stamps.

Victims Conned

Charles Gathii Ng’ang’a

This man lost at least Ksh. 240 million after he was awarded a fake tender to supply computers to State House and the Department of Defence between January and September.

Fredrick Muhanji Mangala (Douglas Simiyu) who posed as a NIS officer based at Nairobi’s Nyati House approached Charles Gathii Ng’ang’a.

 Fredrick Muhanji Mangala

Fredrick Muhanji Mangala

He was told to supply 1,200 pieces of HP Envy laptops to the state house. Fredrick Muhanji Mangala claimed that the laptops were needed for a security project.

He took Charles Gathii Ng’ang’a. to an office at the State House and later to Harambee House Annex, which he was told hosts the presidential delivery unit. Despite tight security in both offices, the conman gained access easily.

Charles Gathii Ng’ang’a then had to sign a non-disclosure agreement at Harambee House Annex on January 9 and taking the LPOs to the bank, Gathii was issued with the LPO by Mareka erasing any doubts the tender could be fake.

He then supplied the 1.200 laptops which were picked by the conman at his shop. The conmen then came back with delivery notes, which had State House letterheads and stamps pending payment.

So far some suspects have been arrested for impersonating as officers from the office of the Deputy President.

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