Youth Profile; Fay Tall


Fay Tall

Kalenjin music has been on the rise after Fay Tall released her amazing covers and later her original. Her music has been a uniting camp for Kalenjins as we now rediscover that we really got great talent.

Fay Tall is looking out to transform the world through her music as she is set to release more songs. With her nice musical voice, she will get you glued to her songs and even listen to as many times.

Fay Tall

Fay Tall

About Fay Tall

Name. Faith Chepkemoi Soy
Art Name: Fay Tall
Height: 177cm
Born: August 3rd, 1995
Home: Sigowet Soin Kericho County
M.status: single
Clan: Kipkogosek
Hobbies: eating, traveling, sleeping, singing (Kalenjin queen), playing basketball.

Fay Tall is one of the individuals who need our support and as fans, we ought to do our part. With our help, she can higher and grow greater as she delivers good music that suits our souls. Helping her is by means of listening to her songs, telling her she has given the best when it really is. We have to nurture talent as fans because without us her music will mean nothing.

Rift Valley News Youth Profile works with Kalenjin Inside to appreciate youths like Fay Tall who are talented and support them as they deliver great things to society.

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