Don’t Use Corruption To Taint Dp – Oscar Sudi


Oscar Sudi

Kapseret legislator Oscar Sudi who is one of the closest ally to DP William Ruto has been one of the critics on the arrest of Kalenjins in major parastatals.

This comes after Kenya Pipeline Managing Director is said to have been sent to packing by the state house. He resigned on personal reasons after a loss at KPC was reported.

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According to Oscar Sudi, the war on graft is being targeted to DP William Ruto’s allies in a way to taint his name come to the 2022 polls.

In his post on Facebook, Oscar Sudi stated that he was f7ully behind the fight against graft, as the President and his Deputy have shown commitment in the fight against the vice.

His post continued, “I am also on record to have shown support of the March 9 handshake between the President Uhuru Kenyatta and Rt. Hon Raila Odinga, this is because I am a leader who believes in the unity of purpose. We all needed the handshake to foster unity and inclusivity among all Kenyans.”

Check out his post below.



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