NHIF Receptionist Who Takes Chopper Rides To Work


NHIF receptionist Fredrick Sagwe Onyancha according to reports takes chopper rides to avoid traffic.

Fredrick Sagwe Onyancha age 39 who is the prime suspect in the NHIF scandal lives a lavish lifestyle in his home at Athi River.

The receptionist uses the millions he has coined to hire a chopper from his home to office.

Fredrick Sagwe Onyancha has been noted to have occasionally indulged in the chopper ride. The chopper is normally flown from Wilson airport to pick him from his home which has left many of his neighbors and friends wondering

Fredrick Sagwe Onyancha is reported to have bought eight houses worth Kshs160 Million between 2013 and 2017 at an upmarket estate in Athi River.

The lifestyle of the receptionist changed suddenly when he joined the tender evaluation committee at the NHIF. The committee dealt with awarding tenders in upwards of multi-million shillings.

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Assistant deputy director of public prosecutions, Emily Kama wh presented a case against Fredrick Sagwe Onyancha and 19 others in court she stated that the crime the committed is worse than murder as they stole money meant for treating patients.

“They are the ones who enabled siphoning of public funds. We are talking about more than Sh500 million stolen from the management of the health scheme. (The court should) put the NHIF fraud case in the category of murder,” said Emily Kama.

The statement for the case being put in the murder category caused an uproar of the defense team. Ombeta who is part of the team said, “there is no charge sheet of a dead patient before this court. You have no evidence to support the claim. Just forget it.”

The defense legal team comprises of  Tom Ojienda, Cliff Ombeta, Danstan Omari, Annita Mesaki, Migos Ogamba, Katwa Kigen, Ham Langatand Felix Kiprono.

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