What Telkom And Airtel Can Do To Sent Safaricom Downstairs


Telecommunication industry in Kenya has been a monopoly for a time now since internet speeds which we all fancy vary from one provider to another. You will have one company having the best internet offers but very low internet connection in some areas while another has the best internet connection even underground.

For Safaricom, they really have a good internet connection but the only thing they never value is the price they way in on the data.

What They Can Do

Improving Internet Coverage

For Airtel and Telkom a slight improvement on their network will be a great boost to internet access since their data is super cheap. You can imagine some areas even in Eldoret with no 3G internet and with lots of customers sticking around Telkom and Airtel due to cheap call rates, the improvement on the same will sent a big boost to the ISPs.

Improving Network Availability

With Safaricom network availability which is almost unbeatable, improvement of the Airtel and Telkom indoor coverage will give a boost their users. If this is improved to a situation where you can take a call from anywhere, then I promise you changes will be realized.

Improving On Mobile Money

Have you ever realized that it cost nothing to send, money from Airtel money to another airtel customer? Just imagine if Airtel money agents were all over just like Safaricom Mpesa? It will be so amazing.

If these are done I am very sure that Telecommunication monopoly will cease.

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