A Man In Kajiado Who Married Two Women Now Regrets


Tom Mako with his wives Elizabeth Silamoi and Joyce Tikoyian

A money who married two wives at the same time in Kajiado now regrets getting into the tie. He is said that he cannot afford to take the two wives on a honeymoon.

Tom Junior Mako and his two wives, Elizabeth Simaloi, and Joyce Tikoiyan, are now condemned to a residential house in Kajiado. The man wishes that he had enough money to take his two wives on a honeymoon.

“For now, I cannot afford the honeymoon. How I wish a sponsor would come on board,” he told Citizen journalists.

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The man who married the two wives said that he had lived with both of them for one year(2017) under the same roof. He convinced both to exchange vows and they agreed to it.

Tom Junior Mako said that he had to rehearse a mock marriage setting with the two wives so that he would know exactly how they would behave if I married them.

As the relationship between Tom and Tikoiyan progressed, Sinaloi decided to return to her lover’s home.

When the first love came back he had to sit the two women and convinced that he loved both of them equally and would marry both of them.

Tom Junior Mako have a great advice for young men out there. He said that you should avoid dating multiple women and having extramarital affairs.

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