Ruto Opens Up His Personal Friendship With Raila


On Thursday DP William Ruto opened up his heart and revealed his personal friendship with former Prime Minister Raila Odinga.

Deputy President while addressing residents of Kisumu, he said, “Mimi ndio kijana mkubwa wa baba yetu Raila, na hapa mimi niko nyumbani (I am Raila firstborn son, being in Kisumu hence means I am at home).”

At kondele market which has been a hotspot of political turbulence. Raila was the first to speak the Uhuru with DP Ruto keeping off.

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As the leaders drove off a group of youths started chanting Ruto’s name. The president didn’t hesitate to tell DP Ruto to address the crowd that had turned to meet them on the first leg of the 2-day tour.

Haiyaaa! Si mumesikia wadosi wameongea, si mmesikia? Mimi sina mengi ya kusema (Alright. You have all heard, its the people who have decided that I should address them. I don’t have much to say),” said DP Ruto as he bowed to the crowd.

Uhasimu na uadui wa kisiasa kati yangu na ndugu yangu mkubwa Raila ambaye pia ni rafiki yangu sana imekwisha leo (The enemity and political hostility between me and my brother Raila who is also my great friend is over today),” he added as the crowd cheered.

Raila and Ruto have often traded jibes during past public addresses and the two are expected to have a great say in the 2022 presidential elections.

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