Why corruption is not Kenya’s main problem, the source is

Every single day corruption cases emerging in Kenya

Every single day corruption cases emerging in Kenya [source/india.in]

We’ve been treated to some of the heinous corruption scandals lately, in what some section of right thinking Kenya’s term as part of jubilee government ‘unwritten’ manifesto. 

National Youth Service has twice hit the headlines, with billions of shillings lost. The first involved Ann Waiguru, and her scapegoat, a salonist. The second involved the Ngirita’s who found an ingenious way of supplying unpurified air.

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In recent news, a receptionist is wallowing in riches, taking 150,000 per hour chopper rides, and on a 150,000 shillings salary. Talk about a clever businessman and you will be automatically assumed to possess the same IQ as a tadpole. 

These are only a tip on the iceberg. National parastatal heads have been arrested and charged for various money-related crimes. And then there was Anglo-Leasing and Goldenberg. 

This raises a pertinent question: is corruption really a problem in Kenya? My answer would be an unequivocal no. And for these reasons. 

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First of all, the people who are accused of these outrageous and utterly condemnable brazen thefts of public money come from our society. They were not born in Mars and dropped here by an alien spaceship. They are our brothers and sisters. And fathers and mothers. 

Secondly, when cornered, like leaders from Rift Valley, they are quick to retreat to a drab tirade, juvenile in nature, that their tribe is being targeted. It is as if they stole and redistributed to the whole community, which is something you can agree with if you belong to the thieves’inner circle. 

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Thirdly, put a Kenyan in any position of power and he quickly begins scheming. The police, the kanjos, NTSA guys…they are everywhere harassing law-abiding Kenyans, who would do the same things if given the position of their harassers.  

It follows that corruption is an ingrained trait in our society. We have systemized it. It courses through our veins. Everyone with a chance to reap where he or she didn’t sow does it. 

As a result, we should rethink our moral values and changes Kenyans. I am not saying that everyone is corrupt; you can wait until you give that person a position. 

Corruption is a choice between right and wrong. It is a simple as that. Those who are corrupt have chosen to be wrong and to be wrong means being evil. You cannot still money meant for the sick and still be seen as good. You are satanic. 

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