Work Her Dream Awards 2018

Work Her Dream

Work Her Dream

Work Her Dream Organization was founded in the year 2016 by Lily Okeyo with the main objective of promoting Education, Culture, to Improve Population and Reproductive health and mitigate the impact of HIV/AIDS and Drug addiction among the girl child.

This was in response to the challenge of having an increase in illiteracy levels and school dropouts among the girl child due to socio-economic challenges. In Kenya, our regions of operation include Uasin Gishu, Nandi, Baringo, West Pokot, and Turkana.

In empowering the girl child we seek to empower the community around her through socio-economic ventures and mentorship to reduce dependency levels among the underprivileged communities, increase literacy levels and help in wealth generation among the communities that we serve

Work Her Dream

Work Her Dream

With Lily Okeyo dream of many girls to achieve their education has been realized as she advocates girls education which has been for a long time terminated due to even pregnancies. The proceeds from the event will go to support Work Her Dream Education Program.

WHDO Ambassador

Work Her Dream Organization on 22 December 2018 will be hosting an Annual Gala and Awards to people who have shown resilience mentoring young girls about education.

First Lady Margaret Kenyatta with Lily Tanui During a tree planting excercise

First Lady Margaret Kenyatta with Lily Tanui During a tree planting exercise

Lily Tanui a young girl who advocates environmental conservation is part of the Organization as an ambassador as she works round the clock advocating for girl child education.


She has been working with a good number of activist in ending the rape culture in the society.

Lily Tanui who since finalizing her secondary studies, has been moving from schools and even in the community advocating girls education and environmental conservation. Her spirit in mentoring young girls as they mature is really motivating.

Lily Okeyo who is the founder of the organization and Ambassador Lily Tanui welcomes everyone to help all girls in Africa achieve their dreams by supporting them. Ending early pregnancies will see a girls dream brighter and better.

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Pupils In A Tree Planting Session

Visit Work Her Dream Website:

Facebook page: Work Her Dream Organization


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