David Murathe is a joke!



Mr. David Murathe, the controversial figure who has been a constant feature in the headlines for the past three weeks is a man on a mission.
And his mission is one of a queer type, that of stopping Dr. William Ruto’s dream of ascending to the August house.
He has vowed to be the stumbling block towards Mr. Ruto’s presidency.
He is relying on the constitutional provision under Article 142 that limits the term of a president to only two(five years) terms. He maintains that when a president serves two terms, the deputy is deemed to have served as president and cannot vie to be the deputy president or the president for that matter.

However, from a legal mind, his explanation is a big joke. His arguments on why the Dp shouldn’t vie, are misplaced since article 142 only relates to the president and not the deputy president for that matter. Therefore, it’s on record that there is no constitutional barrier to Mr. Ruto’s presidency.
Mr. Murathe fails to distinguish between the presidency which is an office and to which the Dp is part and the president who is a person, as referred to by the article.

Many politicians have waded into this controversial talk, among them, the deported NRM general, Mr. Miguna Miguna who rubbished Mr. Murathe’s claims. He maintains that Mr. Ruto has a right to pursue his political ambitions legally without being suffocated by one, Mr. David Murathe.

Interesting times ahead indeed!

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