Taming Ruto: A civilian Coup by Uhuru & Raila? VIDEO

Political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi

Political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi

On Sunday a conversation between the young African scholars from Fort Hall School Of Government and Professor Muhahi Ngunyi explained how Deputy President William Ruto sparked tension with President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Through their political talk show on Sunday, the scholars opined that DP Ruto rattles Uhuru Kenyatta since the beginning of their shared leadership.

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“During their first term, Ruto saw himself as equal to Uhuru. He was indecent. It did not go wrong, it started wrong,” said Horio an Oil and Gas Lawyer.

“Ruto’s rallies are nothing but a countdown and a reminder to Uhuru that his time is coming to an end soon although the President still has four years to go,” Horio continued.

“Before Uhuru could settle down after re-election, Ruto declared that the seat was his in 2022. He behaved like a man in a hurry to inherit Uhuru,” he stated.

Mutahi further indicated that Uhuru has been tolerating Uhuru due to the complex nature of the politics surrounding the Presidency.

Mutahi continued,” If Uhuru needed Ruto on 2017, Ruto needs  Uhuru in 2022. Ruto should remember that there are no permanent friends in politics, just permanent interests. And if the interests change so does political friendship.”

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He, however, advises that should the DP feel cornered by the political unfolding, one way to win would be by becoming the champion for a 5-tier leadership with a Ceremonial President, an Executive Prime Minister and two Deputy Prime Ministers hence accommodating more leaders at the country’s leadership helm.


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