I Am Vying For President; Moses Kuria

Moses Kuria and Jeff Koinange during the breakfast show on Hot 96

Moses Kuria and Jeff Koinange during the breakfast show on Hot 96

On Friday Gatundu South member of parliament announced that he will vie for the president come 2022 with his deputy as ODM leader Raila Odinga, DP William Ruto or Makueni Governor Kivutha Kibwana.

Moses Kuria who was speaking on HOT 96 hosted by Jeff Koinangw and Professor Hamo, he declared that he wouldn’t vie for governorship but will vie for president come 2022. “I will vie for the presidency in 2022. I will be on the ballot,” stated Mose Kuria.

“I can never go back to village jobs, I’m vying for the presidency in 2022,” he added.

He continued saying that he will win if he runs against DP William Ruto and he will assign him a post in his government. Moses Kuria’s Declaration comes after he hinted that he will be moving to ODM on his social media account. He had posted a flag of the Democratic Party(DP) claiming the party would be the choice of Mt Kenya leaders.

Moses Kuria's Facebook Post

Moses Kuria’s Facebook Post

ODM party chairman had previously revealed to journalists that Moses Kuria was welcome to the party although he would lose his seat in parliament if he leaves his party according to the law.

Moses Kuria having revealed his interests for the presidency under ODM, Kioni said that he will have to compete with other politicians in the party who are also interested in the same post.

Moses Kuria further adviced President Kenyatta asking him to be lenient to all government officials who are underperforming in their duties. “He needs to crack the whip. He needs a room in State House where he beats up people not delivering,” he cited

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