Ruto Rigged Jubilee Party Elections – Murathe


David Murathe who was Jubilee Party Vice-chairman on Tuesday revealed how DP Ruto rigged the party elections before the 2017 general elections.

Murathe who was speaking during an interview on Citizen Television, he revealed the cause of his problems with DP Ruto. “I have outlined several (issues), it his attitude and frankly speaking, it started with the Jubilee party nominations,” said Former Jubilee Vice-chair.

Murathe further revealed that there was a group of people behind the chaotic nominations so as to facilitate the rigging in the party polls.

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“The first day, they started by creating some commotion in several parts of the country and we had to recall the results. The first day of the party nominations flopped. When we repeated the fresh nominations, all hell broke loose because interested parties rigged out highly popular people particularly in Mount Kenya and Rift Valley regions. They were able to manipulate the nomination results,” he stated.

“I have a problem with his models of planning. I haven’t had an opportunity to sit him down and tell him if he continues down that road, he is on his own so I have had to come out publicly. And sometimes you may find he is not the problem, it is the cartel around him that is responsible for a lot of this,” he stated.

William Kabogo who lost to Waititu in the party primaries expressed his displeasure to social media on how the party conducted its nominations.

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“Murathe confirms they rigged party nominations in 2017. What a shame washing dirty linen in public,” tweeted William Kabogo.


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  1. Murathe my man, you carry hope for Kenyans.


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