Election Rigging Turn Jubilee Leaders Against DP Ruto

DP William Ruto

DP William Ruto

Days after Murathe revealed that DP Ruto rigged in the Jubilee Primaries, more jubilee leaders are no turning against him since he was involved in the scheme.

David Murathe who had revealed on live Tv where he claimed that DP Ruto had manipulated the process so as to place his allies strategically in the Rift valley and Mt Kenya region.

nominated senator Issac Mwaura and former Mukurweini member of parliament Kabando wa kabando  on Wednesday expressed their dismay on how they were singled out of the party elections.

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Nominated Senator Isaac Mwaura

Nominated Senator Isaac Mwaura

Mwaura also claimed that the election was a sham all along. His counterpart kabando wa Kabando revealed that the rigging was aimed at ending careers of certain politicians who were considered a threat to 2022 succession politics.

Former Mukurweini legislator Kabando wa Kabando

Former Mukurweini legislator Kabando wa Kabando

Murathe who had appeared on Live Tv explained that there was a group of people behind the Chaotic nominations in the party which was part of the rigging plan.

“The first day, they started by creating some commotion in several parts of the country and we had to recall the results. The first day of the party nominations flopped,” revealed Murathe. The chaos prompted the party to recall the elections.

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“When we repeated the second nominations, all hell broke loose because some interested parties rigged out highly popular people in some of our own areas in Mount Kenya and Rift Valley and planted their own,” stated Murathe.



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