Dp Ruto Set To Increase Foreign Travels In The New 2022 Master Plan

Deputy President William Ruto is so keen as he looks forward to succeed President Kenyatta at the end of his term. He is looking forward to increase key contacts in different capitals as the race heat up.

According to Daily Nation, DP Ruto has turned foreign travels as he seeks to establish good working relationships across the world.

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This revelation comes days after DP announced that he was slowing down his presidential bid. His first visit was to the United Kingdom on Wednesday, February 6 has set the ball rolling.

The DP's chartered plane which was the subject of controversy in 2013

The DP’s chartered plane which was the subject of controversy in 2013

DP Ruto on his visit to the United Kingdom gave a lecture at Chatham House where he proposed for the creation of an office of the leader of the opposition.

“The winner ascends to a formally constituted leadership role while the runner-up becomes a virtual stranger in leadership,” the DP stated during his address.

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DP stated that the post created will unify the country since the opposition leader will have a formal role in government.


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