Free College Education For KCSE Candidates Who Scored Ds


Last years KCSE candidates who did not qualify to join university are set to study for free in the various colleges across the country.

This comes according to the new plan by the ministry of education where the government will subsidize some part of the fees and still eligible for a government loan to pay the remaining amount.

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School fees at TVET institutions averages at Ksh 56,420, where the government will clear Kshs 30,000 initial payment while the balance is easily paid by a government loan of up to Ksh. 40,000 that the students will be eligible.


The loan will be available to all TVET students just like the ones in University so as to avoid discrimination in the transition to higher education which in the past were only favoured to the high performing students.

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“We are reforming the sector to make it relevant as it is crucial for the Big Four agenda,” stated Education CS Amina Mohamed.


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