Cheap BEIN Sports Soon Replacing DSTV


BEIN Sports Decoder and DSTv

Monopoly in the Central and Southern Africa is 8increasing at alarming rates on the rights of airing football matches such as the English premier league and even Champions League.

DSTV is one of the most expensive pay TV company in Kenya and Sub-saharan Africa may soon be replaced by the very cheap BEIN SPORTS Company. The monopoly that has been enjoyed by DSTv which have the rights to air premium football content is soon coming to an end as many people start valuing BEIn SPORTS over DSTV.

In Kenya, people will opt to pay for ZUKU services or even startimes to watch local channels, movies, and even cartoons and move to a video Hall or even a club to watch football content since DSTV is so expensive to watch at the comfort of their houses.


BEIN Sports Decoder

Many Kenyans have been wondering where they will watch all football content at the comfort of their homes without having to pay too much. Bein Sports answers all dreams to watch any football game played at any time at home while paying almost the normal price as the local Pay Tv providers.

Bein Sports is a company from the middle east and have acquired the rights to broadcast all premium football content in the MENA region (the Middle East and North Africa). Bein Sports decoder use the Eutelsat 7West satellite to beam their content which can be easily received in Kenya, Ethiopia, and Uganda. Signals can also be received in Tanzania.

Since DSTv has the sole rights to air premium football content in the east and southern Africa so having Bein Sports Decoder and a subscription card is illegal but that can never stop Kenyans from looking for these decoders.

DSTV Decoder

DSTV Decoder

In case they find you, they will confiscate your equipment and even press charges on you.

DStv has a number of supersport channels that air main European football leagues which are all available in a premium package which cost Ksh. 7,900 a month. Bein sports has a very sharp difference as it offers all football content from the EPL, Bundesliga, Serie A, La Liga, Carling Cup, FA Cup and any other game at Ksh. 13,000 per year.

Let’s do the math

Dstv 7,900 X 12 Months is Ksh94,800 per year.

BEIN Sports Costs Ksh13, 000 per year

The difference is Ksh81, 800

Where to get bein sports decoder

Bein Sports decoder cannot be found in any shop in Kenya. Guys normally import it directly from Dubai after installation and activations are done with contacts in the UAE.

Bein Sports dealers are also available in Sudan, Somalia, and Egypt. Dealers can be found easily on the bein sports website.

The only problem is that Multichoice has the sole rights to offer football content in Sub-Saharan Africa while Bein sports has the rights to air it in the Middle East and North Africa.


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