I Munched Hyenas Nose To Save My Life, Kajiado teacher Expains


John Matipei,42, a primary school teacher from Kajiado county was forced to bite hyenas nose to save his life during an attack on Valentine’s day.

The primary school teacher who is currently recuperating at the Kajiado county hospital said that he is so thankful to God for saving his life after fighting the hungry beast for over one hour barehanded.

“It was a matter of life and death and I had no weapon with me as it attacked me while I was fetching water for my goats around 5 pm,” he said.

“As soon as I had entered the well, the hyena landed on my thigh. I attempted to kick it but it did not let go. When I turned around it landed on my chest and faced me directly, that is when I bit its nose,” said Matipei.

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He explained that he then jumped into the water and blinded the beast using mud before it fled. In the brutal fight with the animal, Matipei broke both his hands with the animal eating part of his thigh.



Dr. Odhiambo Opiyo said Matipei will stay longer in the hospital because of the injuries.

His wife, Jacqueline Matipei said the beast almost killed her husband on Valentine’s Day.

“I was looking forward to a great evening with my loving husband. I had prepared well to treat him, but that beast spoiled it all,” said Jacqueline.

Matipei teaches at Emukutan Primary School near Maili 46 in Kajiado West Sub County where he is the deputy teacher.

“We are only two teachers, the head teacher and me with 119 pupils in Class One to Six. As I am here now, my head teacher is teaching all the six classes,” said the injured teacher.

Kajiado Knut executive secretary, Elly Korinko visited Matipei at the hospital and appealed to teachers’ service commission to deploy more teachers to the school.

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