Viral Video In Kenya Catches Trump’s Attention


the woman juggling a football

United States President Donald Trump has expressed his impressions by a video of an unidentified woman juggling a football that went viral in Kenya.

The US President who applauded the level of skill and the talent shown by the woman by sharing the video on Twitter with the caption “amazing”.

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Earlier on social media, there were claims that the woman was a Malawian national which other sources disputed the claim. the woman who was speaking in Swahili, the woman could be heard accepting the challenge by her audience to wager 100 ball bounces.

However, the woman doesn’t disappoint but goes ahead to juggle the ball using the head, her shoulders, knee, chest, and even the neck.

The crowd broke out in applause cheering her and she kept going to their amazement.

After an impressive act that lasted close to two minutes, the woman stops with the remark “Pesa yenu ndogo (Your money is not enough)”, in a likely reference to the amount paid for the bet.

Netizens have called for the woman to be auditioned on several platforms including Churchill Show and Britain’s Got Talent.

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