Ugali And Mursik For A Birthday

Ugali And Mursik

Ugali And Mursik

Having a birthday is something that everyone wants to make it classy and memorable as possible. Everyone wants to have that big party called in, that big birthday cake bought and even have friends enjoy themselves to the fullest.

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Ugali And Mursik For Birthday

Mr Kitur & His family during the birthday celebration (courtesy)

Mr.Kitur & His family during the birthday celebration (courtesy)

Anyone have never thought having mursik and ugali for a birthday can be amazing to ever have. Exp[ecially when you get that well prepared mursik then the will be guaranteed.

Young generations these days hold birthday parties in clubs where they even take alcohol and have the cake on the menu.

For Mr.Kitur from Nandi county, he never needed to be much classy and expensive. He just used a normal ugali and a cup of mursik.
Mr. Kitur just created one of the best and cheapest unique ways one can have for a birthday.

Mr.Kitur & His family during the birthday celebration (courtesy)

On photos shared to the internet where Mr.Kitur and his family were seen cutting the birthday cake(ugali) and taking the traditional Mursik depicted humbleness and conservation of culture.


The Story Of Young Environmentalist Lily Tanui

Lily Tanui In Germany

Lily Tanui In Bonn, Germany

I was inspired by this girls spirit and passion for environmental conservation. Her story begins at the age of 6 when she starts planting trees and encouraging others not to cut down existing ones. What she does encourage anyone who will learn about her story. Do what you are passionate about and you will succeed.

Her passion for environmental conservation has earned her a lot. She was among the guests invited to the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) global conference last year December at Gigiri. She is currently in Bonn, Germany attending a youth workshop and conference by Global Landscape Forum.

Lily Tanui With Delegates at the Global Landscape Forum In Germany

Lily Tanui With Delegates at the Global Landscape Forum In Germany

Lily Tanui is one of the alumni at Yale Young Global Scholars (YYGS) and passionate about environmental conservation. As a child, Lily helped her father plant trees to combat deforestation in Kenya. She has educated others about the environmentalist movement ever since.

Environmentalist Lily Tanui

Environmentalist Lily Tanui Spoke on behave of youth and children at the UN environment conference 2017.

After attending the 2016 YYGS Sustainability, Energy, and Environment (SEE) session, Lily learned how renewable energy helps combat climate change. She used the experience to exchange ideas with other students, and she left YYGS feeling empowered with new knowledge. Lily believes that she and her peers are the game changers of her generation.

Lily works closely with the community to raise awareness on environmental issues. She has organized events to collect litter and plant trees at a nearby health center and local school. Prior to participating in YYGS, Lily was invited by Former President Obama’s grandmother to visit the Obama homestead in Kenya. Lily planted a tree near the grave of Barrack Obama Senior as a tribute to her environmental work. Lily hopes her initiatives will encourage others to advocate for a cleaner, healthier planet.

WHDO Ambassador Environmentalist Lily Tanui

In the future, Lily hopes to start an environmental conservation foundation in Kenya. She plans to use this platform to educate the public on the negative effects of deforestation and urge people to embrace renewable energy. She also plans to expand her afforestation efforts in neighboring countries. Ultimately, Lily wants to create a world where the environment no longer requires protection.


NAME: Lily Tanui Moimett

FACEBOOK: Lily Tanui

CLAN: Talai

BORN: 1999

M/STATUS: Single/student

HOBBIES: Event organising,networking,motivation speaking,comedy,running,traveling.

VISION: To be a role model globally on environmental and sustainable energy solutions.

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How Governors Transfer Millions to a Secret CoG Account to Hire Choppers

Kakamega Governor Wycliffe Oparanya arriving in a chopper

Kakamega Governor Wycliffe Oparanya arriving in a chopper

Most county Governors have been seen on Choppers moving about their counties launching projects and even visiting other counties.

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According to the Sunday Standard, out of Ksh250 million being probed by auditors at least Ksh150 million has been used to hire helicopters.

The Council of Governors chairman Josephat Nanok with his counterparts

The Council of Governors chairman Josephat Nanok with his counterparts

The only one allowed the privilege of using choppers while on official duties is the chairman of the council governors currently held by Governor Josphat Nanok.

Governor who want to enjoy the same privilege as the Chairman council of governors makes an extra contribution which is wired directly to the operational account from which they hire choppers from.

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“At CoG, only the chairman has the privilege of using a chopper while on official duties. This must be logged in as an official to be legal. However, governors have been using choppers but the payments cannot be traced back to their counties,’ said a source.

It costs Ksh. 170,000 to hire a chopper for only one hour in Kenya.

“To get the chopper, you send an email to the CEO of the Council of Governors who picks for you the chopper from the list of the prequalified companies and will generate an invoice to be settled by debiting the county account,” Kakamega Governor Wycliffe Oparanya told theStandard.

EACC has been probing and has interrogated some officers who have been involved in the chopper scandal.

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