Do you really need a Huduma Namba? Know More

What is Huduma Namba?

Huduma Namba Registration Assistants At Work.

Huduma Namba is a unique identifying number issued to Kenyan citizens and foreigners. A person only gets the number by completing a NIIMS registration process. The number will act as a single source of identification for all people living in Kenya, including refugees.
The government will use Huduma Namba as a tool for national planning, project and resource allocation, social services, and infrastructural development based on local populations. It will help the state to serve people better by having enough information about them. When a person gets a unique number, it will be the identification document they need to access all government services.
In other words, Huduma Namba eliminates the necessity for having a National ID Card, driver’s license, birth certificate, and KRA PIN among other documents. Although these documents are still functional, the difference is they will be digitalised.

Do you need a Huduma Namba?

There has been a confusion about the necessity of the Huduma Namba. Various government officials have come out to spell out different
consequences of not getting this number, but some of their claims have been dismissed by the government. However, two statements by top ranking government officials stand out as they haven’t been refuted by the government.
The first is by the Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’i who indicated that those who don’t have a Huduma Namba will experience slow access to government services . The other statement was made by the government spokesman, Erick Kiraithe, in a recent
interview on Citizen TV , where he suggested that Kenyans won’t be able to access certain crucial services without the number.

From these statements, it is clear that while it might not be necessary to get the Huduma Namba now, it might eventually replace your Identification Card in future. This means that you might not be able to access services that you are currently accessing using your ID number. If this is the case, then you need a Huduma Namba.


The rise of DP William Samoei Ruto

A photo of DP William Ruto (Source /Facebook /William Samoei Ruto)

A photo of DP William Ruto (Source /Facebook /William Samoei Ruto)

William Samoei Ruto was born in 21st December 1966 and that marked the kick off of his journey to success. Born in a humble background in Sugoi village, Turbo constituency in Uasin Gishu county, the self-proclaimed hustler has beaten all odds to become the second man in command in the Republic of Kenya.

His story is and will remain inspiring to many as he endured the scorching sun at Kambi Kuku market along the busy Eldoret— Malaba Highway to sell chicken to motorists at the railway crossing point. He was then a student years before he got his big break.

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William Ruto attended Kerotet Primary School for his primary school education before joining Wareng Secondary School for his Ordinary Levels education. He later proceeded to Kapsabet Boys for his Advanced Levels. He graduated from the University of Nairobi in 1990 with a degree in BSc (Botany and Zoology).


DP William Ruto (courtesy)

Ruto actively joined politics in 1992 when he was campaigning for the reelection of former president Moi. He was the organizing secretary of youth for KANU ‘92 (YK92).
In 1997, William Ruto vied for Eldoret North parliamentary seat beating Reuben Chesire one of the experienced and smart politicians of that time.

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Since then, he has served as an assistant and different Ministerial capacities in the country. In 2011, Ruto broke away from ODM party to form United Republican Party(URP) which later merged with TNA to form the ruling Jubilee party.

He is currently serving for his second term as the deputy president since 2013 and there is no doubt that he is the front-runner in the coming presidential elections. His victory in 2022 presidential race will complete the story of the son of a peasant who rose to become the most powerful man in the country.

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Work Her Dream Awards 2018

Work Her Dream

Work Her Dream

Work Her Dream Organization was founded in the year 2016 by Lily Okeyo with the main objective of promoting Education, Culture, to Improve Population and Reproductive health and mitigate the impact of HIV/AIDS and Drug addiction among the girl child.

This was in response to the challenge of having an increase in illiteracy levels and school dropouts among the girl child due to socio-economic challenges. In Kenya, our regions of operation include Uasin Gishu, Nandi, Baringo, West Pokot, and Turkana.

In empowering the girl child we seek to empower the community around her through socio-economic ventures and mentorship to reduce dependency levels among the underprivileged communities, increase literacy levels and help in wealth generation among the communities that we serve

Work Her Dream

Work Her Dream

With Lily Okeyo dream of many girls to achieve their education has been realized as she advocates girls education which has been for a long time terminated due to even pregnancies. The proceeds from the event will go to support Work Her Dream Education Program.

WHDO Ambassador

Work Her Dream Organization on 22 December 2018 will be hosting an Annual Gala and Awards to people who have shown resilience mentoring young girls about education.

First Lady Margaret Kenyatta with Lily Tanui During a tree planting excercise

First Lady Margaret Kenyatta with Lily Tanui During a tree planting exercise

Lily Tanui a young girl who advocates environmental conservation is part of the Organization as an ambassador as she works round the clock advocating for girl child education.


She has been working with a good number of activist in ending the rape culture in the society.

Lily Tanui who since finalizing her secondary studies, has been moving from schools and even in the community advocating girls education and environmental conservation. Her spirit in mentoring young girls as they mature is really motivating.

Lily Okeyo who is the founder of the organization and Ambassador Lily Tanui welcomes everyone to help all girls in Africa achieve their dreams by supporting them. Ending early pregnancies will see a girls dream brighter and better.

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Pupils In A Tree Planting Session

Visit Work Her Dream Website:

Facebook page: Work Her Dream Organization

Why corruption is not Kenya’s main problem, the source is

Every single day corruption cases emerging in Kenya

Every single day corruption cases emerging in Kenya [source/]

We’ve been treated to some of the heinous corruption scandals lately, in what some section of right thinking Kenya’s term as part of jubilee government ‘unwritten’ manifesto. 

National Youth Service has twice hit the headlines, with billions of shillings lost. The first involved Ann Waiguru, and her scapegoat, a salonist. The second involved the Ngirita’s who found an ingenious way of supplying unpurified air.

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In recent news, a receptionist is wallowing in riches, taking 150,000 per hour chopper rides, and on a 150,000 shillings salary. Talk about a clever businessman and you will be automatically assumed to possess the same IQ as a tadpole. 

These are only a tip on the iceberg. National parastatal heads have been arrested and charged for various money-related crimes. And then there was Anglo-Leasing and Goldenberg. 

This raises a pertinent question: is corruption really a problem in Kenya? My answer would be an unequivocal no. And for these reasons. 

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First of all, the people who are accused of these outrageous and utterly condemnable brazen thefts of public money come from our society. They were not born in Mars and dropped here by an alien spaceship. They are our brothers and sisters. And fathers and mothers. 

Secondly, when cornered, like leaders from Rift Valley, they are quick to retreat to a drab tirade, juvenile in nature, that their tribe is being targeted. It is as if they stole and redistributed to the whole community, which is something you can agree with if you belong to the thieves’inner circle. 

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Thirdly, put a Kenyan in any position of power and he quickly begins scheming. The police, the kanjos, NTSA guys…they are everywhere harassing law-abiding Kenyans, who would do the same things if given the position of their harassers.  

It follows that corruption is an ingrained trait in our society. We have systemized it. It courses through our veins. Everyone with a chance to reap where he or she didn’t sow does it. 

As a result, we should rethink our moral values and changes Kenyans. I am not saying that everyone is corrupt; you can wait until you give that person a position. 

Corruption is a choice between right and wrong. It is a simple as that. Those who are corrupt have chosen to be wrong and to be wrong means being evil. You cannot still money meant for the sick and still be seen as good. You are satanic. 

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What Telkom And Airtel Can Do To Sent Safaricom Downstairs


Telecommunication industry in Kenya has been a monopoly for a time now since internet speeds which we all fancy vary from one provider to another. You will have one company having the best internet offers but very low internet connection in some areas while another has the best internet connection even underground.

For Safaricom, they really have a good internet connection but the only thing they never value is the price they way in on the data.

What They Can Do

Improving Internet Coverage

For Airtel and Telkom a slight improvement on their network will be a great boost to internet access since their data is super cheap. You can imagine some areas even in Eldoret with no 3G internet and with lots of customers sticking around Telkom and Airtel due to cheap call rates, the improvement on the same will sent a big boost to the ISPs.

Improving Network Availability

With Safaricom network availability which is almost unbeatable, improvement of the Airtel and Telkom indoor coverage will give a boost their users. If this is improved to a situation where you can take a call from anywhere, then I promise you changes will be realized.

Improving On Mobile Money

Have you ever realized that it cost nothing to send, money from Airtel money to another airtel customer? Just imagine if Airtel money agents were all over just like Safaricom Mpesa? It will be so amazing.

If these are done I am very sure that Telecommunication monopoly will cease.

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8 ways to improve your memory

Improve Your Memory

Improve Your Memory

The retention of information by the brain enables us to function in our day to day lives. Imagine if you always forgot where you kept your keys? A good memory helps us excel in exams.

Here are some of the ways to improve your memory.

Learn something new

The brain works the same way as a muscle. The more you use it the more it grows stronger. Learning something keeps the brain challenged. It also expands the brain capacity.

Do not turn to google right away

With technology, it is tempting to look something up right away. That inhibits your memory capability. Instead, try recalling before finally looking up on the net.

Keep yourself busy

When you keep a busy schedule your brain does not have time to idle. A busy schedule keeps you preoccupied which improves memory.

Sleep on a regular schedule

Try as much as possible to go to bed at the same time and wake at the same time every day. Do not disrupt your sleeping schedule. An irregular sleep-wake cycle inhibits memory.


Regular exercise ensures blood flows well in the body. It also helps generate brain cells which are essential in memory improvement.


By nature, human beings are social creatures. Your memory improves if you talk to someone, even if it lasts only ten minutes. A strong social circle is even better.

Drink water

The memory is made of mostly water. It acts as a shock absorber for the brain and the spinal cord. Water also helps brain cells utilize nutrients.

Enjoy nature

Nature plays an important role in memory improvement. A simple walk in the park helps compared to a walk in the city.

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Ugali And Mursik For A Birthday

Ugali And Mursik

Ugali And Mursik

Having a birthday is something that everyone wants to make it classy and memorable as possible. Everyone wants to have that big party called in, that big birthday cake bought and even have friends enjoy themselves to the fullest.

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Ugali And Mursik For Birthday

Mr Kitur & His family during the birthday celebration (courtesy)

Mr.Kitur & His family during the birthday celebration (courtesy)

Anyone have never thought having mursik and ugali for a birthday can be amazing to ever have. Exp[ecially when you get that well prepared mursik then the will be guaranteed.

Young generations these days hold birthday parties in clubs where they even take alcohol and have the cake on the menu.

For Mr.Kitur from Nandi county, he never needed to be much classy and expensive. He just used a normal ugali and a cup of mursik.
Mr. Kitur just created one of the best and cheapest unique ways one can have for a birthday.


Mr.Kitur & His family during the birthday celebration (courtesy)

On photos shared to the internet where Mr.Kitur and his family were seen cutting the birthday cake(ugali) and taking the traditional Mursik depicted humbleness and conservation of culture.