Meet 16-year-old Nikita Kering

n1Nikita Kering

The first time I played her songI was amazed, tears dropped down my eyes. The vocals and song content sunk deep into me. I could not resist rating the song a five star and deserves accolades. The vocals themselves are sensational from a very amazing young talent. At some point listening to the song I became a bit jealous of why I had no such vocals to even sing something amazing like Nikita’s one. 

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Anyway Gods plan on everyone destiny is ever planned and you can never ride on someone’s destiny. Nikita Kering started earning money from her talent at a young age, with her adorable voice and lovable nature have made her a choice to many fans.

Nikita Kering

Nikita Kering

Nikita is 16 years. She has used her talent to inspire and help others where they are not able to and prove that you can do anything as long as you put your effort and passion in it.

Having recently released her original song written and produced by her, she has earned recognition and many people have soon groomed to like her voice and need more from her.

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Happy With You’  song by Nikita Kering will move you and definitely listen to it as many times like I did. Watch it below.


get to know Tumbalal arap sang

Henry Sang popularly known as Tumbalal Arap sang is one of the oldest Kalenjin musicians. He is married to one wife and blessed with seven children and they are settled in Keringet.

Thanks to time and change. It has turned the field of art traditionally held ‘road to hell’ into one of the areas of the community’s heroes.

A great witness of this change came at the dead of the Kalenjin music legendary Kipchamba Arap Tabotuk in 2007. The Kalenjin community mourned and the community’s great men and top leadership who graced his burial, that was live-aired by Kass FM radio, lauded him as the hero and father of music.


 The mourning expressed the turn around that has placed worth and value to the ones cursed.

As Tumbalal shared his story about the road to conger the pitfalls in the industry, his face is shone by smile rays of a hero. He says though he is yet to fully enjoy the fruits of the art he is happy because nobody managed to stop him on the journey to his passion.

The man who never yielded to unfounded believes said his parents tried in vain to stop him.

He remained on the realm of the community’s secular music after the great legends of the community and his colleague Kipchamba Arap Kabotuk described as the father of music in Kalenjin died in 2007.


Starting his singing in 1961, Tumbalal remained adamant to all back-setters in focus of his passion, music.

And, last year as the nation’s mood of hero’s day was passing, Tumbalal, though not in any official way celebrated, says he was humbled by the messages he got from friends and his audience appreciating him of his share in the music industry.

“People call me to grace their functions and offer entertainment. “The soft-spoken artist in his late sixty’s said.


Like his colleague the late Kipchamba, Tumbalal never parts with his guitar, even in the city he cuts across the streets with his tools hanging down his shoulder.

When Fm stations cropped up and vernacular stations emerged such artists found a platform to present themselves and sweep away the demonic connotations to secular music among the Kalenjin.  Today Rumba shows among three leading Kalenjin stations top the list of popular radio shows.

Enock Ng’etich a secular music presenter in a show dubbed “kuskong” (look back to history) in Kitwek Fm says Tumbalal is the role model to upcoming musicians in the community.

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“Tumbalal’s songs carry strong message cutting across every aspect of life. Young musicians have no message in them. “The presenter said.

However, he says such musicians like Tumbalal faces a great challenge in selling songs.

“Piracy has hit such musicians so much. Although their song remains popular and on high demand piracy has denied them the fruit of their sweats.” Ng’etich lamented.

Although national broadcaster KBC had vernacular programmes in Kisumu station, limitations such as length of such programs and few people affording radios could still not give enough light of appreciation to the artwork.

This remained for Kalenjin community until 2005 when Kass FM a then only pure Kalenjin radio station was launched in Kenya. This brought rays of light at the end of the tunnel for the musicians.


“Music moved from clubs top radio bursting its audience boundaries to masses.” Said Tumbalal.

But have they ripped yet?

 “No, we are still running after its fruits to date. But we are happy the curse that was attached has been cleared.” Tumbalal answered in a smile.

Tumbalal is one of the best Kalenjin secular artists who stood the tempest cursing the field true his youthfulness the early 60s to date where he stands tall among many artists at his old age.

He says as our country celebrated its third hero’s day last year though not featured mentioned among the great heroes he looks back and reflects on the obstacles he has triumphed as a musician since he ventured into it.

“No one would allow is a child into the field. You’ll be beaten up and if you had korera (a guitar) it was destroyed.” Says Tumbalal.

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But this could not deter the man who had all the zeal for the art.  The father of seven said, “I told them even if you deny me, I will still find somewhere and sing. I will get another guitar; for music was in me and my blood.”

 Recalling about 40 years ago Tumbalal said he bought his first ever and solo guitar at Kshs. 35.

Tumbalal had to go as far as becoming a security guard in search of the passion of his heart.

The artist says he is cautious to avoid any kind of singing that can encourage conflicts among communities.

He says to be a hero one has to work hard and achieve despite all ups and down.

And, as if proving him a hero his first song kitot kobaran (it could almost kill me) which he sang in 1984 has stood the wave and completion to rank top among other songs of his Kalenjin community.  The love song which he sang in a great description of his beautiful girlfriend who was snatched of him by an older and a well-off man than him soars high of his ten trucks volume he has since recorded.

A busy man, Tumbalal, who is planning for a new song on peace for Kenyans as we move to elections, parts with me soon before completing his emotions wrecking story.


kalenjin comedy launch Brobox

Growth is inevitable, they say, we have no power to choose how we grow but what we do determines it. Comedy is something Kalenjin in the past had not been part of, preserved for some and we could see as something for people who are so creative not knowing that we had our own brains at hand.


Talking of comedy, there is one comedian I can’t miss in my watch list, he is so hilarious and so consistent with his production. He really provides what his audience need not mention the lengthy laughter and humor in their videos.

Comedy Launch.

Our feature today is BROBOX CREATIVES who are much known as Brobox Comedians. They have grown this far and they will go far with fans doing their part.

Kalenjin Comedy Launch

Kalenjin Comedy Launch


This is an invite Kalenjin comedy launch at Cabanas Park Nairobi. It will be lit and be sure not to miss this big thing that will be remembered for decades.

What I believe is that when we help one of our own, is that they will take all and even new comedians and even Kalenjin Comedy to a higher level.

Be sure to be part of this history in making. Turn up at Cabanas Park along Mombasa road, Nairobi.



musicians feature |Sang kang

Talent is God given and maximizing it is what everyone aims to do and achieve a lot from it. Artists are one of the gifted people who deliver music that soothes one’s heart and makes life a music must life. Perhaps we may just see them successful and having a nice life but without our support, all will be damn in vain. A huge fan base ensures that one’s music reaches all over.

The thing that we don’t know is what happens behind the scenes, their life at the backstage, they may be worrying and fear of music progressing but can never say it in public what may be bothering their private life.

They say “when we come together, great things happen”, that’s why supporting the upcoming artist is the best thing as we nurture the future in the music industry. Artists from the west command a very huge fan base simply because their fans give them support. This I don’t mean giving artist/musicians money but supporting by listening to their music, complementing on their music (“A times you just need someone to say you are doing something great even if you see it as a big task at hand.”) and attending their shows as they help them finance their music.




Sang Kang is an upcoming Kalenjin Secular musician. His passion for music led him to release his first track Sang Kang ft Sniper YOLO. He wanted to be a Dj at first but his passions let him drop to music. So far he has received a lot of compliments from fans and currently commanding a huge fan base.

Go! Go! Sang Kang.



Be sure to watch the video below and leave comments and subscribe.

Getting Used To Chinese Preachers-Probox Comedian & Mc Japhee

Chinese invasion of Kenya’s economy has raised an eyebrow to everyone after the government taxed petroleum products as a way to pay back China debt. Kenya has been in the limelight as the debt burden was increasing beyond payment capabilities.

Probox creatives and Mc Japhee latest collabo on trying to get used to Chinese preachers are one of the most hilarious content.

Check out the video below.


kalenjin got talent | Fay tall

To music fans, living without it is a big mistake. Listening to music soothes the hearth and gives meaning to life. Kalenjins have in the past thought they can’t have the best music voices that entice listeners to never move away from their sound systems.

Rift Valley Queen.

Many artists have been in the industry but with our highlight, today is an amazing artist, a composer and obviously the highest rated music covers in 254. She has produced a good number of music covers in Kalenjin which have been highly accepted in the society so far.

Below is her latest cover 2 in 1 by NAIBOI (Kalenjin cover) by Fay Tall.


the rise of Kalenjin comedy

Comedy has been of the recent past a daily dose. Kalenjins being of no exception has produced a number of hilarious comedians taking social media by storm creating infinite laughter when you watch or see their content.

Being a comedian is not an easy task as many people may see. It involves a lot of work behind the scenes before the actual content ready.

There are a number of Kalenjin comedians namely Propesa, Tula, Brobox, Ambasatas and many more.

Brobox Comedians.

My main focus today is Probox Comedians who have always provided hilarious content. They are a group of Kalenjin comedians who main focus on Kalenjin stories mostly on a daily basis.

Probox Comedians

Probox Comedians

This group of comedians has provided the best comedy ever in the region giving us an alternative happiness in case of boredom.

Below are some of the videos.