Farmers reject Ksh. 2300 state offer – Rift Valley News

After rift valley maize farmers were not paid due to cartels importing maize to state silos leading to excess maize delivered. President Kenyatta had ordered Agriculture secretary to pay the real farmers which never yielded any fruits.

The government decided to buy maize at Ksh. 2,300 per 90kg bag has sparked displeasure among maize farmers and legislators in the North Rift who have been ever sup[porting farmers grievances. They now say that they will protest if the price per bag of maize is not increased to Ksh. 3,200. They claim that the government’s offer is too low and will lead to losses due to the high cost of production.

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The cabinet approved the purchase of two million bags of maize will is too low compared to this year’s production which is more than 40 million bags. Farmers have been receiving Ksh. 2,300 per bag since last year which they requested President Uhuru To intervene so as to increase the price to Ksh. 3,200

Kipkoris Menjo director of the Kenya Farmers Association said that they would summon a crisis meeting to chart the way forward. “We are unhappy with the price and we will meet to determine the next course of action,” said Menjo. Other farmer representatives opposed to the price are David Chepsiya from Moiben and John Kibet. “Our production cost per bag is about Sh2,710. The government price means we will make a loss of about Sh400 per bag,” said Chepsiya.

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MPs Alfred Keter (Nandi Hills), Joshua Kuttuny (Cherangany) and Silas Tiren (Moiben) according to the star have said they would lead farmers in protests if the state fails to increase the price in two weeks. “That price is unfair to farmers. We still ask the President to have it increased,” Tiren said.

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Why MPs are becoming selfish to the electorate

Selfish MPs

Selfish MPs

In Kenya MPs have in the recent showed that they never care in any way for their electorates. Their selfish nature being shown in many areas with the latest one being them asking for more money in terms of insurance, mortgages only to list a few of them. The electorate has just got the worst from there leaders as they currently term them as “mafisi” since they are now money oriented.

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In today’s morning, jam at a local radio station callers gave numerous sentiments regarding the bill MPs wanted to pass. The bill if passed, MPs will bag a lot of money out of it. One of the callers at a local radio station said electorate normally say that let us vote for him at least for him to develop only to start complaining when that mp start becoming self-centered. We the electorate are to be blamed since we let MPs become who they are.

Be financially secure

Many MPs want to be financially secure, that’s why you can never hear anyone complaining that they are earning a lot. Being financially secure guarantees you a sustainable life in case they lose in the next election.

Have some money for the electorate

If you ever think that an MP can use his money to hand over then you are wrong. MPs ever look for extra money so as to please the electorate when they are trailing at home.

Sustain lifestyle

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Many MPs lifestyle is so expensive, having a house in the city is so amazing, that’s why they need that mortgage. They just want a comfortable life as anyone may need.

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Why Isaac Ruto might be Bomet Governor 2022

DP Ruto and Isaac have a chat (photo courtesy)

DP Ruto and Isaac have a chat (photo courtesy)

Issac Ruto after being defeated in the last general election, he accepted the defeat, never went to Court to even challenge the process. He made even a pledge to support the reigning Madam Governor after she trashed him so badly, what a shame? Many people thought. The reigning mama county, Hon Joyce Korir was so vibrant in cleansing Isaac Ruto for being defeated by a woman as she strongly urged that a white goat should be slaughtered so as being accepted back in the society.

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Isaac Ruto with all these flatter just kept silent, just took time at his home, probably to recover from the defeat and hard campaign times he underwent. But as they say usione simba amenyeshewa usidhani ni paka this say works so well and means a lot. After being defeated, Isaac Ruto retraced his steps, accepted Joyce Laboso as governor, pledged to support her and even went a step to dumping his coalition government, NASA. This was a bold move and was welcomed well by the deputy party leader Hon William Ruto.

After handing over power he told the public he is now going to the village and farm on his farm in tumoi. Fruits of his job at home have been realized after he was awarded the best farmer at KCC delivering more than 3,000 liters on daily basis.

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Isaac Ruto is seen as having ambitions of reclaiming back what was taken from him, he has not engaged politically and has given time people to realize what he delivered and what the new governor will deliver. Isaac Ruto have been missed by many even the current top leaders regret for working against him as his vibrant nature is much-needed. Come 2022 all will be seen in a clear picture.

Robert Alai warned not to mess with the boss lady Akothee

Akothee and Alai.

Akothee and Alai.

Just some days after Akothee was giving an equal dose to controversial blogger Cyprian Nyakundi which was so messy and full of hard insults; Akothee is now on another phase, another blogger again, Robert Alai.

Boss Lady Akothee posted a number of insults on her Facebook account after Robert Alai send her a direct message offering her a job she was at all not interested in.

Robert Alai's message to Akothee

Robert Alai’s message to Akothee

In return, Akothee blasted him saying that she’s not interested since she’s not a politician.

“Robert Alai, the last time I heard about you is when you were insulting politicians. Do I look like politicians to you? I didn’t even know you are following me until you slid into my DM begging me to call you, and that you have a job for me,” she posted.

Alai then fired at Akothee on Twitter claiming that she was high on cocaine, a post that Akothee replied with a ruthlessness. “Akothee leo cocaine zake zimemweka kwangu. Nitaimbwa everywhere. Meanwhile, smells just like a fart with no value. LOL, ”Alai posted.

Akothee didn’t hold back she posted this on her facebook account.

Akothee On Alai

Akothee On Alai

Maize Scandal: DPS enemies use maize scandal to gain fame

MPs Silas Tiren, Alfred Keter and Joshua Kuttuny address the press after meeting farmers. /COURTESY

MPs Silas Tiren, Alfred Keter and Joshua Kuttuny address the press after meeting farmers. /COURTESY

William Ruto’s bid for presidency come 2022 have been received so badly by many leaders who due to their selfish needs of several leaders who want too to clinch state house mantle or just want to be spoilers. Jubilee leaders who spoke to the media at Parliament buildings said that Alfred Keter, Joshua Kuttuny and Silas Tiren were cheap and hired to ruin William Rutos name. They also said that the three MPs against William Ruto have never given solutions for suffering maize farmers in the North Rift yet they go on fluttering that William is to be blamed.

“We know political distractors of the Deputy President have failed to contain him. Now they are resorting to cheap tactics. They are roaming about trying to slow him down to create an impression that he is having a problem. That is far from the truth,” Soy MP Caleb Kositany said according to the star.

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Endebes MP Robert Pukose and Kericho senator Aaron Cheruiyot also pitied the three lawmakers for calling for investigations against DP Ruto over the maize scandals in the country which have been talking twists over time. Maize crisis in Kenya can only be solved if farmers problems are addressed with seriousness.

“We know their masters and we will soon name them. They pretend to be messiahs for the farmers yet they don’t address their issues on the floor of the House,” said Kericho senator.

The three legislators who wanted Ruto to be blamed claimed that the DP  has a 500,000 farm in the Democratic Republic of Congo. They also claimed that Ruto was positioning himself to be the main maize supplier to the scandal-prone National Cereals and Produce Board by discouraging farmers to seek another alternative for maize farming with even starting avocado planting which farmers deeply denied.

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“You can’t be telling us to plant avocados, plant macadamia but you are not telling us what happened to maize…Now you have gone even to Congo. You are growing 500,000 acres of maize,” said Keter without producing any evidence to back his claims according to the star.

2018 KCPE candidates, all set to join Form One

President Uhuru Kenyatta receives 2018 KCPE results from Education CS Amina Mohammed at State House, Mombasa. Looking on is Knec chairman Prof. George Magoha. (Courtesy)

President Uhuru Kenyatta receives 2018 KCPE results from Education CS Amina Mohammed at State House, Mombasa. Looking on is Knec chairman Prof. George Magoha. (Courtesy)

Of the 1, 052, 364 candidates who sat for this year’s Kenya certificate of primary education (KCPE) examination, none of them will be left out of the Form one admission said education cabinet secretary Amina Mohamed. She said that all students who sat for this years KCPE examination will receive admission letters before the Christmas celebration after a selection process that begins on Monday which will be done on the same day for all categories.

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2018 KCPE results registered a good improvement compared to last years one where more candidates scored over 400 this year. In 2017 pupils who scored over 400 were 9,845 while this year, 12, 273 pupils scored over 400. This year, two pupils managed to score the highest 453 marks with a drop of 2 marks from last years highest grade. This year 527,294 boys sat for the exam while 525,070 girls sat in for the exam. Boys were noted to perform better in mathematics, science and religious subjects while girls did well in languages. Those who scored above 300 marks were 228, 414, while above 200 were 574, 927, above 100 were 234, 273 while 1277 scored below 100 marks.

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The CS noted that 2,495 special needs students sat for the exam with the highest scoring 446 marks beating; last years record of 426  marks. She concluded that if special needs kids are accorded with a fair and conducive environment, they will succeed.